Why Choose Us


Experts provide value-added services

Because we have expert staff who specialize in specific industries and businesses, we are able to handle projects in a diverse range of industries and categories.
SunFlare helps its clients' to achieve global success by recruiting expert staff with superior language capabilities and taking full advantage of their knowledge and information in a diverse range of fields to meet any request.

IT forms the backbone of SunFlare strengths

SunFlare delivers products and services quickly and securely in accordance with the relevant quality requirements by employing proprietary systems or integrating commercially available systems and applying them to services including translation, writing, editing, proofreading and document revision.
The following capabilities are what make it possible for us to deliver our services.

  • A secure user interface that is tailor-made to the documents ordered by our clients and enables orders to be placed as soon as work is requested
  • A system for assigning the optimal staff (content creator) with the requisite expertise and skills to meet the client's unique document needs
  • A workflow system that ensures tasks are carried out smoothly and securely
  • Schedule management that guarantees delivery by the deadline
  • Support functions that apply natural language processing technologies to improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of mistakes
  • Knowledge management that records and shares client characteristics, success case studies and failure case studies

As documentation experts, we have established a development system for short-term developments. We make improvements to this system on a daily basis to ensure that it can quickly conform to any new client requests.
In terms of security measures, we prevent the disclosure of client information by implementing every possible measure to ensure confidentiality. To ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities, we have implemented measures to provide system redundancy and conduct backups. We have also established a system that allows us to continue operating in the event of a disaster to avoid delays caused by system failure.
We refer to such client support activities, including in-house collaborations involving IT technologies, as "AIRKEP."

What is the concept behind AIRKEP®


"SunFlare takes the 'knowledge' from cutting-edge technologies and combines 'artificial intelligence' mechanically with software ('robotic') to maximize our translators' creativity and intellect to realize speedy translation processing. This creates a win-win situation in terms of growth for both SunFlare and the translators, thereby resulting in prosperity and happiness. "
This concept is aimed at creating an "enterprise paradise."
Even with the evolution of artificial intelligence and quantum computers, we believe that human creativity will remain superior in some areas. The AIRKEP concept is aimed at creating a Total Quality Management (TQM) system that forms an organic network of "people and hearts" based on creative individuality combined with the positive elements of machinery.
The AIRKEP concept also offers prompt and effective support for the evolving advanced globalization of our clients. It is a long-term vision that creatively challenges the use of language with an eye on the future.

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