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SunFlare Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Sasai Representative Director

SunFlare is and forever will be a family company that is founded on the principle of connecting the world with people, dreams and languages

Representative Director
SunFlare Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Sasai Representative Director

SunFlare exists to help realize the dreams of clients, employees and colleagues through the power of words.

Ever since our establishment, we have sought to determine how words can best help our clients' achieve business success and how such words relate to IT. As a result of these efforts, we have concluded that the most desirable relationship with IT is one that brings out the full potential of people's creativity. In 1981, we created two companies: SunFlare Academy, which provides a venue where individuals can train to be language professionals by leveraging their exceptional linguistic capabilities, expertise and practical business experience; and ANDROMETEC, a group company that develops IT tools aimed at supporting people's creativity.

Our very existence came under threat when Black Monday struck on October 19, 1987. I quickly realized that the key responsibilities of any company include protecting its employees and colleagues and enhancing their level of happiness. To do that, a company obviously has to stay in business. Not only do we view our employees and colleagues as part of our family, but we also aim to continue playing an essential role in the lives of our clients.

Dreams instigate curiosity and nurture creativity.
Given this, we encourage our employees to take full advantage of their expertise with passionate enthusiasm and to help other members of our extended family shine like solar flares, the inspiration for our company name.

These are the sentiments that are interwoven into SunFlare's corporate philosophy of connecting the world with people, dreams and languages.

Our Vision

Our Philosophy of Nature

The everlasting evolution of our reflective nature proves the relativity of human intellect.

Our Founding Spirit

We aim to:
Contribute to the advancement of society and human happiness in technological fields.
Contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding through translation.
Enhance our reputation for trust by ascertaining client needs to ensure that we always deliver high-quality services and products. Build a creative company that uses its employees' expertise to its full potential.
Create an organization that cherishes its employees and colleagues and treats them as family.

Management Philosophy

Our commitment

We will contribute to societal advancement and harmony by providing translation and documentation services in fields related to cutting-edge industrial technologies and culture.

Our goals

As experts in the translation and documentation business, we aim to remain an essential intellectual partner for our clients.

Our code of conduct

We will respond appropriately to client needs and resolve issues with sincerity and passion.
We will fulfill our responsibilities and respect each other's individuality with the aim of ensuring client satisfaction through optimal teamwork.
As professionals, we will continue to strive for improvement by enhancing our expertise and technological knowledge.
As well as providing a work environment that will enable employees and colleagues to reach their full potential, SunFlare will support their dreams and the happiness of their families.

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